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    1. Start any application, say Word. Open some large documents.

    2. Now start the Task Manager Processor tab and sort the list in descending order on Memory Usage.
    You will notice that Winword.exe will be somewhere at the top, using multiple MBs of memory.

    3. Now switch to Word and simply minimize it. (Do not use the Minimize All option of the task bar).

    4. Now go back to the Task Manager and see where Winword.exe is listed. Most probably you will not
    find it at the top. You will typically have to scroll to the bottom of the list to find Word.
    Now check out the amount of RAM it is using. Surprised? The memory utilization has reduced by a huge amount.

    5. So where is the tip of the year? Simple-minimize each application that u are currently not working on by
    clicking on the Minimize button & u can increase the amount of available RAM by a substantial margin.
    Depending upon the number and type of applications you use together, the difference can be as much as
    50 percent of extra RAM and all this is free of cost!There is nothing unusual happening.
    In any multitasking system, minimizing an application means that it won't be utilized by the user right now.
    Therefore, the OS automatically makes the application use virtual memory & keeps bare minimum amounts of the code in physical RAM.

    7 Responses to “Now this is called a tip of the year!”

    1. # Anonymous nerd

      cool tip

    2. # Anonymous senthil

      hey working tip grt!!!!!  

    3. # Blogger Sagar Chand Nahar

      बहुत मजेदार है यह तो प्रीती जी
      कुछ ट्रिक्स मैने भी यहाँ और यहाँ लिखे हैं। शायद आपके काम के हों।  

    4. # Blogger shekar

      nice ....!try to give more tips..!  

    5. # Anonymous anjul


    6. # Blogger Pragith

      ROFL! You call this tip of the YEAR??? :surprised:

      Might be the Tip of the Year for n00bs...

      Self-proclamation doesn't work in this Computer era my dear!

      See forums like MeraWindows, ThinkDigit, Chip-India, you will find better tips that yours

      (This ain't a spam)  

    7. # Blogger chini

      excellent .. superb...  

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