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    An Indian discovered that nobody can't create a folder anywhere named 
    This is something pretty cool...and unbelievable... At Microsoft the
    whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened! 
    Does any one knows y.......................
    There are also afew other similar issues which u may come across a few
    and the reason are as follows
    We cannot also create a folder with the following names 
    There are some more like that
    Try to rename or create a folder using any of the following names...
    con = console =Linux equivalent of (/dev/tty) 
    nul =  Null file = Linux equivalent of (/dev/null) 
    aux = printer / auxillary device. 
    From old DOS days these are all special filenames. 
    For Example if you say 
            "type filename > con" the file will be printed on console 
            "type filename > null" nothing will happen (like /dev/null in
    Linux) - an infinite sink 
            "type filename > aux" File will go to printer.
            you can even write code in "C" like open("aux",2) and write to
    the printer just like that ! 
            In DOS, you use a command copycon, this is the same "con" we 
    talking about. 
    So Windows doesn't allow you to create folders or files with these 
    so that there is no confusion between that file and this convention. 
    You need not worry. This system is followed only for upward
    compatability to support C codes already written for DOS. Soon this
    problem will vanish. 
    P.S: Linux was smart enough to create a separate /dev/ directory where
    you put all your special files and a mkdev program to create device
    files ;-)) 

    3 Responses to “reason why some folders cannot b named sooo”

    1. # Blogger Abhishek

      nice i was waiting that someone could explain this.

    2. # Anonymous Yousuf

      I understand that the word "con" is in common usage in India, meaning "who" in English, I guess. You should still be able use "con" within a multi-word filename, such as "who con". Or you can even create the name within quotes such as ""con"".  

    3. # Blogger sunny

      It is possile try this...goto the command line then type this

      mkdir \\.\c:\con

      See how this works???now try to delete it!! in explorer..haha!!

      Its a simple as this..
      rmdir \\.\c:\con  

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