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    1) Open your favorite movie player and play the movie.(I played the .mpeg format in Windows Media Player)

    2) Hit "PrintScreen", keep playing the movie in the player,dont stop it.

    3) Open MsPaint.

    4) Select "Edit>Paste" Or Hit "CTRL+V"

    5) Presto! You can watch movie in Paint!

    6) But there are no Pause, Next, Previous, Stop etc. buttons

    8 Responses to “Tips for playing Movie in MS Paint”

    1. # Blogger Jag

      This happens 'cause windows replaces a specific color with the video wherever it is on the screen (the color is a finer shade of black, the difference is unnoticeable to the human eye). Here's a picture with that color.
      Just open it in any picture viewer while playing a video..enjoy :)  

    2. # Blogger prethi

      wow...i never knew this...thnks 4 ur enhancement  

    3. # Blogger Sunil

      I tried prethi's trick. It worked.
      Then I downloaded jag's pic and tested with Windows picture viewer and paint. But didn't work. Why?  

    4. # Blogger Ritesh

      where is "printscreen"  

    5. # Anonymous Anonymous

      This trick used to work for me, but now for some reason it doesnt. Why?  

    6. # Anonymous Anonymous

      this used to work for me, but it doesnt anymore!!! how come???  

    7. # Anonymous rohit

      if i use km player instead of window media player & play flv file not wmv or mpeg file .
      i did this but it just take a snapshot on ms-paint & on ms-world.
      why ?  

    8. # Blogger Sagar Limbani

      Wow.................It's Good  

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