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    Hey people here is yahoo multimessenger for u all. U need not to
    download that 11Mb .EXE file for signin to different accounts.

    Just open up ur notepad and paste the text given below:


    Now save this file as multi.reg anywhere or say ddesktop.
    when u r done, just double click this file and u will be asked to
    merge it to the registry then click yes.
    thats it!u did it!

    Now open an many number of yahoo messenger u wish to open.

    2 Responses to “Tip To Sign into more thn one login id simultaneously in yahooo”

    1. # Anonymous benedict

      this is bit old one..!!! I have mentioned about this here http://www.benh.org/techblog/2006/08/multiple-instances-of-yahoo-messenger-8/

      But are you sure this trick worked with the new version?  

    2. # Blogger Mohd. Hashim Khan

      LOL , it works or not doesn't matter. I just don't like yahoo messenger, why ? I feel like there are people with lots of time to waste on yahoo (though i also use it, but available only 4 few). So signing with two yahoo ids means even more faltu people ready to annoy you.  

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