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    Broadband calling

    In recent years, new ideas have spawned
    to make communication easier;
    Internet telephony is one of these. A huge
    number of people today keep in touch
    by making PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone calls.
    To take communication to the next level,
    technologists have designed mobile phones
    that can use broadband to make calls. Of
    course, you need a broadband connection to
    exploit the benefits of making calls through
    the Internet; also, this service has to be
    supported by your service provider and the
    phone manufacturer.
    Motorola, in collaboration with British
    Telecom, provides this service on its RAZR
    V3B and V560 models, in UK. To avail this
    service, the user needs to install a wireless
    home hub from British Telecom. However,
    calling is restrained to indoors only. This is
    of course a glitch in the service, something
    which Nokia plans to do away with, although
    they have revealed no details about a tie-up
    with any service provider. Recently Nokia
    launched two handsets—the 6136 and the
    N80 that are capable of broadband calling.


    1 Responses to “Broadband calling”

    1. # Blogger Mohd. Hashim Khan

      Quite true ! instead of just calling my friends on phone i use voice chat on Gtalk. why ? its cheap (for non-stop nonsense ), voice clarity etc but now i don't do coz once i saw myself in mirror and i was looking like a call center guy talking, ooops i stick to good old BSNL land line phone since then !!  

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