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    Japanese automaker Toyota had showcased their hybrid car Prius at the International Engineering Trade Fair in New Delhi.

    The company has now said that they are considering the possibility of launching Prius in the Indian market.

    However, the car would have to be imported to the Indian market which would practically double the cost of selling the car in the Indian market.

    A Toyoshima, managing director, Toyota Kirloskar has said in a statement that the company is studying the Indian market to introduce the hybrid vehicle. He added: “But at current levels of duty, it could cost anywhere between Rs 20-25 lakh.”

    The car sells for around Rs. 10 lakh in the US market where it is pretty popular due to its environment friendly status.

    The company is also considering asking the Indian government to relax duties on such hybrid cars to promote them in the Indian market.

    1 Responses to “Toyota Prius could be coming to India”

    1. # Anonymous saurabh

      Drove a Prius today, and first thing i said to myself after that was, "when is this thing coming to india?"
      Amazing performance and easy on pocket. A true hybrid.  

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